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Student age is the most important phase of life. This phase should not be taken casually at all. The process of moulding these children into complete human being should commence when their age is tender. It is the best time for everyone to shape health, mind, habits, approach, tendencies and many abilities. It is the best time to understand and prevent their vulnerable minds from the attacks of negative elements in the surroundings.
The bigger question today being, in the pursuit of current definition of success and happiness, surrounded by atmosphere of competition and rivalry, are our children heading towards healthy, stress-free, hassle-free life? Are they really in a position to give justice to every sphere of life?
Parents strive hard to provide excellent education, every possible comfort and happiness to their children. Many a times we also see a lot of impatient effort being made by parents as well as students towards achieving short-term materialistic goals. It is equally important that in this phase, apart from education and happiness, the student should realize many important abilities and acquire right measures to instill them. Right efforts now will prove as blessings in future when these children start living their lives on their own.

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Utilizing Student Phase

Age Group 6 -9 years

The child- parent relationship has a major impact on all facets of a child’s development. From birth through these years, parents are actively engaged in the child’s development. The child’s thought process is still in its developing phase.

Age group 10-13 years

In these years along with parents the child also plays an important role in personal development. This is a very crucial phase of childhood. During this period many physical, mental and emotional changes are taking place.

Age groups 14-17 years

In these years parents play the role of support system. This age is termed as Teenage. During this phase the students should be on their toes as they are exposed to many competitive events.

Age group 18 & Above

The individuals in this phase can be termed as Young Adults. In this age the parents’ role is limited to providing resources and guidance when required. These young adults are otherwise independent.

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What Students Say?

  • I am a medical student now. I attribute my success to the valuable time to time guidance from INSTILL FOREVER.


  • INSTILL FOREVER has inculcated in me right studying methods, time management etc. Their systematic programme immensely helped me to be stress free as well as healthy.I am grateful for its timely guidance.
    Gaurav Pawar


  • This program by INSTILL FOREVER really helped me gain confidence. I also was guided towards my goals in a proper way.
    Riddhi Kashikar


  • This organization is a great innovation for children to enlighten their personality skills for better future. After joining INSTILL FOREVER I have seen noticeable change my son’s skills like decision making, time management, anger-management, discipline and values of life etc.
    Poonam Ghag


  • INSTILL FOREVER introduced me with various techniques to effectively deal with my problems and sharing my limitations with them was one of the better decisions that I have made. We have worked on mental exercises which changed my way of thinking and I can honestly say it has changed my life, my habits and my outlook.
    Prastut Dalvi


  • My nine year old daughter Medha has been taking guidance of INSTILL FOREVER for nearly a year. We have noted a considerable change in her social as well as emotional behaviour. Thanks to the efforts of INSTILL FOREVER. She has become much more obedient and understanding after she joined this activity.
    Mandahas V. Salgaonkar


  • This program was exactly what I needed to help me to make some firm decisions about managing my time & engineering studies more effectively. This course from INSTILL FOREVER, where I experienced training in all sensory learning processes, seeing, hearing, and feeling. This program is a good measure to judge different aspects of our personality, right from the logical thinking, decision making to communication skills. The program is highly recommended for all category of students’ right from school age to college students.
    Prasad Parab


  • I am immensely grateful to INSTILL FOREVER for playing an important role in my son's life post his XII grade exam and throughout the graduation process. It is very important to achieve the right balance between character and career which INSTILL FOREVER helps you through this process with utmost care.
    Priya Xavier


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Education Should Culminate Into...

Only Achieve Good Grades

In addition
Gain knowledge, Application & Power Of Expression

Good Manners, Hardworking Abilities & All Capabilities

Avoid everything that will ruin
Health, Character & Performance

Develop Healthy Relations With
Family, Teachers & Friends

Develop personality fit to survive in today's world


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